my goal is to be the ‘we didn’t notice her in highschool but dang we should’ve’ girl

I got the first part down

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a 90’s kid? don’t you mean sad adult?

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Yay, I'm loving seeing this on peoples dashing! i'm asking everyone! DISNEY FOR ALL!!! Sorry, i'm focusing (no i'm not but i won't tell if you won't tell, shhhhhh we'll keep it between you and me, hehe) okay, *deep breath* so, Peter Pan (because I love this one) Flounder, Aurora (if you're comfortable telling it)? Yay, Disney!! Thank You!!!

Hahaha you’re so adorable :) And Disney is definitely the best :) Ok so here I go…
Peter Pan: something from your childhood that you still love
I’m still 5 at heart, so everything haha. But since we’re talking about Disney I’ll go with that :) cause who doesn’t love Disney?
Flounder: something that surprised you and frightened you
This one was tough…but about a year ago I popped my kneecap out of place and ended up having to get surgery, which was scary enough but then it put all my plans for that year on old, so it was also scary to not have any idea what I was going to do this year while I recovered….
Aurora: story of your first kiss
I actually really like this story so it’s fine :) haha. So I didn’t have my first kiss til I was 16, and it was this boy, Taylor, who was my best friend and then we both realized that we really liked each other and we were hanging out one day and I drove him home and when I went to give him a good bye hug he kissed me and it was cute :) And then he moved to Georgia a little while later :( but yeah.
Thank you so much for asking! Love you, darling!

Dear dark skin girls


Never be afraid to wear all the bright colors you want. You do not have to stick to the purples, dark blues & blacks because they’re more “suitable” for your dark skin, and bright colors make your dark skin “stand out” too much.

Fuck that.

Wear the all the neons, pinks, yellows, bright red, white and anything else you want because your dark skin is beautiful and should flaunt it all you want. 

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saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire